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Quiffler is an application with limited appeal - but if you need it then you really need it!

If you use a Personal Finance application, and if you've ever been frustrated by credit card QIF files that are incorrectly formatted so that credits appear as debits and vice versa, Quiffler could be just what you need.

Quiffler validates your QIF file and then performs the necessary corrections to the transactions so that, when you import the QIF file to your personal finance program, it imports correct. Quiffler is even smart enough to check whether your QIF file is correctly formatted before it makes any changes.

Quiffler is available, for free, from this site only. It was available on the App Store but, apparently, some people didn't understand that it isn't a finance application - and so they thought that it didn't work. There is no PowerPC version of Quiffler, but if you really need one then please let me know.


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