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Mandy - 68k Fractal Generator

Mandy is a very simple Fractal Generator. All it does is draw the Mandelbrot and Julia sets, and a fern (or tree, as you wish). There are other Fractal Generators, some better, some worse, some more complete - but few (for the 68k Mac, at least) are as new as this.

When loaded, Mandy will display an empty screen. You can select the fractal that you wish to see from the Fractal menu.

The source code is available on the 45RPM Software website. Feel free to modify it, improve it, add new fractals and colours - with the proviso that you must resubmit the source to me for folding into the main branch if I like your changes, and you must provide a version which will run on a Mac Plus.

Mandy should run on any Mac from a Mac 512ke (System 6) up to a PowerBook G4 (Mac OS 9.2.2).
If you have a Mac without an FPU including, but not limited to, un-upgraded Mac 512, Plus, SE, Classic, Centris and 68k LC series, you should run Mandy.
If you have an upgraded Mac with an FPU (including 68000 with 68881), run Mandy (FPU).
If you have (again, but not limited to) a Mac II, IIx, IIfx, Quadra, SE/30 you should run the full fat Mandy (020 FPU).
Mandy will not run on Mac OS X (Intel or PowerPC) without the assistance of an emulator (Classic Environment / Basilisk / Sheepshaver)

What With?

Mandy was developed on a 32bit clean Mac SE/30 with 64MB RAM, 1GB hard disk, A/UX 3.01 and Think C 7.0.

What Why?

There comes a time in any coding project when the software works - but the glitz and the glamour is missing. The problem is that most punters don't buy software - the glitz and glamour is all that they're after. The average punter can put up with crashes, as long as their software looks awesome (which possibly explains Linux's lack of success on the desktop). It also explains the otherwise inexplicable popularity of Candy Crush.

I'm at this stage with a game that I'm writing for OS X, iOS and tvOS. The game works - it just doesn't look too flashy yet. I need a break before entering the final straight - so I decided to reaquaint myself with my old Mac SE/30 and write some 'new' software for it.

No Guarantees

No warranties are given or inferred. If Mandy wipes your hard disk then you should take a moment to ponder the wisdom of regular backups. The problem is entirely your own.


Download This is the Mandy Fractal Generator.

Download This is the source code.



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