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Have you ever needed to convert a colour from one format to another? If you have, Hooloovoo is the utility that you’ve been waiting for. With Hooloovoo you can convert to and from RGB, CMYK, XYZ, Yxy, CIE Lab, Hunter and many more besides. You can find out what the closest CSS or Crayola colour is and import your own palettes. As if that wasn’t enough, Hooloovoo can even capture a colour using the built in camera. Hooloovoo is your one-stop swiss army knife for all your colour needs.

If you have a specialist colour conversion requirement that Hooloovoo doesn’t yet support, please get in touch and it will be our pleasure to update Hooloovoo accordingly.

Hooloovoo has been tested on iOS 7 devices from the original iPhone 4, through to the very latest iPhone 5s. If your iOS device can run iOS 7 then you can run Hooloovoo on it.

Please Note Hooloovoo requires iOS 7 or above.


iOS App Store This is the current version of Hooloovoo in the iOS App Store.



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