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Convert64 started life as a quick’n’dirty hack. I needed a program to convert a Base64 file on the Mac - but I couldn’t find one. Oh yes, I know that there are Mac programs which can convert Base64 data (Mail is one, for example) but none seemed to have the option just to load a Base64 file and turn it back into binary. So I wrote one. From day one, Convert64 could generate Base64 from binary too.

When I first released Convert64, I said 'I doubt that I’ll write any other versions - unless anyone clamours for them. It’s a bit of a specialist requirement'. What can I say? I changed my mind - and I supercharged Convert64 at the same time.

So should you use Convert64 1 or Convert64 v2? Easy. Convert64 v2 - nearly every time. Convert64 v1 is not supported and it doesn't have a great deal of functionality either. Its one saving grace, and the reason that it's still available here, is that it's compatible with PowerPC.

Convert64 v2 requires a 64bit Intel Mac running MacOS X 10.7 or newer, with an App Store account. Technically, it can run on 10.6 (Snow Leopard), but I haven't made this version available because file identification functionality is broken on Mac OS X 10.6.

Feature Convert64 Convert64 v2
PowerPC Compatible X
32bit Intel Compatible X
64bit Intel Compatible X X
Decodes B64 files X X
Encodes B64 files X X
Multithreaded X
Identifies Mystery Files X
Resize images X
Convert image format X
Copy to clipboard X
Save as HTML X
Save as CSS X
Add Compression X
Full help included X


Download Version 0.1 (Written on Leopard. Tested up to, and including, Mountain Lion.)

Mac App Store Version 2.1 (Lion or newer)



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