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Cookies aren't all bad. True, some will rot your teeth and others are used by popular websites to learn as much about you as possible so that they can sell it on to the highest bidder (Really. That's not just paranoia.)

45RPM Software isn't like that though. We're little, and we care about all of our customers (seriously - we don't have that many, and we can't afford to be careless and take them for granted.) So this is what we use our cookies for.

If you don't like us using cookies then I'm sorry. The only solution that I have is for you to go to another website instead (you can't opt out of our cookies). The problem is that those other websites will use cookies too - and some may not tell you about it (naughty naughty). Tell you what. Go and have a think about it. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and have a biscuit (that's a cookie in English English). Then come back here and have an explore - safe in the knowledge that, whilst we'll save cookies on your computer, we won't abuse you with them.

You may also want to familiarise yourself with our Privacy and Terms of Service policies here.



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