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London, one of the nerve centres of world government. In the midst of a complex web of streets and buildings, in a quiet corner of Mayfair, lives the greatest guardian of peace and justice in the civilised world. A secret agent so secret that even his code-name has a code-name. Yes, Danger Mouse. More to the point though, London is also the home of 45RPM Software.

The tech support guy lives here (me). The web designer lives here (also me). The test team lives here (me, me & me). And the programmers live here (also all me). My wife lives here too (not me but, as you can tell, she has her hands full). My eldest son’s duties mainly consist of the vital task of testing my patience and telling excruciatingly bad jokes. We've recruited a second member of staff too (youngest son), but his duties are currently limited to shouting, playing, breaking things, filling his nappy and always being pleased to see me. We're hoping for great things from them in the future, but it's quite hard to see how they can be any more wonderful than they already are!

If you like this software, please write and say ‘Thank You’. If you don't like it, please let me know what I can do to improve it - that's a far better strategy than grumbling on the app store (that doesn't help anyone!). If you have any suggestions, please write and let me know.



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